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Live Stream: A Town Hall on Water Planning, Development and Use

Join us tomorrow for a live video stream of the New Mexico First 40th Town Hall! The opening sessions of the event can be viewed at! Join us as we discuss meaningful long-range and crisis water planning, industry and community conservation, watershed management, brackish water clean-up, and much more!  

9:00 AM-Welcome

  • The Honorable Martin Heinrich, Senator, United States Senate

  • The Honorable Tom Udall, Senator, United State Senate (video)

9:30 AM-Roundtable Discussion & Background Report Review

  • Ryan Flynn, Cabinet Secretary, NM Environment Department

  • Richard Luarkie, Governor, Laguna Pueblo

  • David Martin, Cabinet Secretary, NM Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources Department

  • Laura McCarthy, Director, The Nature Conservancy

  • Jeff Witte, Cabinet Secretary, NM Department of Agriculture

  • Heather Balas, moderator

12:00 PM-Keynote Presentation and Lunch

  • Scott Verhines, State Engineer, NM Office of the State Engineer

  • Joseph Cervantes, Senator, NM Legislature

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