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Free-Roaming Horses of Placitas Task Force Offers Potential Solutions

Earlier this month, New Mexico First released the final report of the Free-Roaming Horses of Placitas Task Force.  The task force was comprised of representatives from the community and government entities. Interviews with task force members and other state experts, together with research and policy information published by independent sources, informed the report’s content and 21 suggested strategies to address the complex issue of the free-roaming horses.

The report suggests solutions ranging from local fundraising to legislative action and can be grouped into several overarching themes: satisfying  information needs; resolving legal issues; addressing the impacts of horse behavior; the effects of human behavior on the free-roaming animals; population control; relocation; sanctuaries and parks; and animal welfare laws.

Examples of solutions developed by the task force include:

  • Establish a multi-jurisdictional range management agreement

  • Educate community members regarding horse behavior, how to interact with them appropriately, and how to contact appropriate authorities when necessary

  • Approve contraception use for free-roaming mares

  • Enforce existing county, state, and federal policies and regulations

  • Maintain fencing along roads and highways

  • Establish a local horse sanctuary

  • Strengthen NM animal welfare laws and policies

The report can be downloaded by clicking here.

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