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Legislation that would establish a state ethics commission is under intense scrutiny by the media and public as two legislative proposals churn through the legislative process being considered by New Mexico legislators HB 4 (Ely/Steinborn) and SB 619 (Lopez) both entitled State Ethics Commission Act.

New Mexico First does not currently endorse current ethics commission legislative proposals. However, it absolutely believes in the importance of establishing an effective ethics commission and recommends these essential principals for all proposals. These principles are based on New Mexico First led research of best practices throughout the state and country, input from government officials current and former, business and community leaders, media and the public.

Current legislation could be improved to meet these principles. New Mexico First welcomes the opportunity to work with all parties to improve legislation and subsequent regulations.

  • Providing a commission budget sufficient enough to support professional staff that can receive, and timely initiate, investigate and adjudicate complaints and provide timely advisory guidance.
  • Ensuring that the public has a known, accessible location to submit complaints and advisory inquiries.
  • Commission provides a publicly accessible advisory process and timely advisory guidance and opinions.

HB4: State Ethics Commission Act, Daymon Ely, Daniel Ivey-Soto

SB619: State Ethics Commission Act, Linda Lopez

The New Mexico First principles document outlines areas in which current legislation could be improved to meet these principles. Click here to read it.

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