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2018 Albuquerque Goals Summit

Participants will meet to discuss the community conditions they view as most important to ensure that Albuquerque is an active, thriving, culturally rich, and sustainable community. This year the focus of the summit will be on describing the desired community conditions for three of the city’s eight goals.

Sesiones disponibles para hablantes de inglés y hablantes de español. Los hispanohablantes van añol para registrarse.

-Public Safety, currently defined as “The public is safe, secure and shares responsibility for maintaining a safe environment.”
-Economic Vitality, currently defined as “The community supports a vital, diverse and sustainable economy.”
-Environmental Protection, currently defined as “Protect Albuquerque’s natural environments – its mountains, river, bosque, volcanos, arroyos, air and water.”

Northwest Summit
Saturday, July 21

Northeast Summit
Thursday, July 26

Southeast Summit
Friday, July 27

Southwest Summit
(English and Spanish-speaking only option)
Saturday, July 28


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