The forum is convened by the Indicators Progress Commission. Volunteer citizens, appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council, serve as commissioners. The role of the Commissioners is to measure how well Albuquerque is progressing toward its long-term goals by monitoring indicators that show progress toward achieving them. They recommend revisions to the city’s vision, goals, and desired community conditions. The Commissioners consider input from forum participants, as well as from other sources, before finalizing their recommendations to the Mayor and City Council.

IPC Members

Patricia Selcher
David Czuchlewski
Mike Gannon
Ruben Garcia
Dawn Reed
Karen Ross
Lisa Schatz-Vance
Sherrie Trezza



Date: Saturday, July 19, 2014
Time: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Albuquerque Convention Center, East Complex, San Miguel Room,401 2nd Street NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Since 1995, residents of Albuquerque have met to define the community conditions they view as most important to ensuring the city is an active, thriving, culturally rich, and sustainable high desert community. The City of Albuquerque 2014 Goals Forum is the main source of resident input into the city’s goal setting process. Participants at the forum play a vital role by describing the future Albuquerque they would like to see. This year the focus of the forum will be on describing the desired community conditions for two of the city’s eight goals:

  • Public Safety, currently defined as “The public is safe and secure and shares responsibility for maintaining a safe environment.”
  • Economic Vitality, currently defined as “Achieve a vital, diverse, and sustainable economy in which businesses and residents have opportunities for success.”

The Albuquerque Indicators Progress Commission is the convener of this half-day forum in which residents have the opportunity to describe the future Albuquerque as a whole community, rather than the needs of any particular group or area. Your input can outline a meaningful path for elected officials and community leaders to follow.

Who Should Attend?

  • Parents
  • Youth
  • Retirees
  • Business members
  • Nonprofit/Association employees
  • Advocates
  • Government employees
  • Educators
  • Healthcare employees
  • Artists
  • Hospitality and tourism employees
  • Media
  • Anyone who has interest in providing input into what Albuquerque should look like in the future

Seating is limited. Early registration is highly recommended.

What Happens at the Forum?
This will not be a typical conference with a series of presentations. There will be an opening session to set the context for the event, but the bulk of the forum is comprised of small group discussions among participants who care about the issues and want to contribute to Albuquerque’s progress.

Prior to the forum, participants are encouraged to review the Albuquerque Progress Report, Snapshot 2012. This report provides a basis for the discussions held during the forum. See the Reports tab for more background information on the city’s existing goals.

What Happens after the Forum?
Following the forum, the Indicators Progress Commission will utilize the input received to finalize the revised desired community conditions and produce a report for the Mayor and City Council with recommended desired community conditions to better meet the city’s vision and goals. If adopted, your suggestions become an important part in guiding the city’s growth, providing city services, and assisting in allocating the City’s resources.

Note: We strive to accommodate the accessibility needs of our registrants. If you require any physical accommodations to participate, please register by July 1 so we can respond to your request.  Please call Melanie Eastwood at 505-225-2140 to discuss accommodation requests.



Snapshot Report

This snapshot report will provide the foundation for the discussions during the summit. The report outlines the city’s long-term goals, desired community conditions, and the progress made toward achieving them. We ask that participants read three sections of the report beforehand:

  • Introduction, page 2
  • Goal 2: Public Safety, page 4
  • Goal 6: Economic Vitality, page 8

City of Albuquerque Snapshot Report, 2012
30-May-2014 City of Albuquerque Snapshot Report, 2012

Hard copies can be made available upon request and will be available at the forum.

Final Report

City of Albuquerque 2014 Goals Forum: Recommendations 18-Aug-2014 City of Albuquerque 2014 Goals Forum: Recommendations

Contract with Albuquerque Indicators Progress Commission