Issue: Economy


A vibrant economy is perhaps the most sought-after policy goal for our state. Many businesses, government agencies and nonprofits advance this goal in New Mexico every day. Some of their activities are working well and should be continued. There are also opportunities for change and expansion.

New Mexico First’s economic policy work includes:

  • The financial needs of individuals and families (including strategies to reduce poverty and increase monetary well-being)
  • The need for a robust statewide business sector (including small business, large industry and everything in between) that creates good jobs and grows the economic stability of New Mexico

Related to both these issues, New Mexicans want to explore the potential of alternative workforce models that would meet today’s and future workforce demands. They also want to reform incentives and other elements of the state tax structure so that more businesses and families can thrive in New Mexico.

These priorities and others emerged from New Mexico First’s 2016 statewide town hall on economic vitality. The organization, with leadership of former Economic Development Cabinet Secretary Bill Garcia (D) and N.M. Representative Tom Taylor (R), continues to advance the platform of policy reforms developed at this event.



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