2014 Early Childhood Development Community Meetings


Date: September 28, 2012
Time: Friday 7:30-11:00 AM
Location: Santa Fe Community College, Jemez Rooms, 6401 Richards Avenue, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508

New Mexico’s young people are our greatest asset. In 2011, the Early Childhood Care and Education Act was signed into law to establish an early childhood system across the state and support quality programs for our state’s youngest children. Thirty years ago we had no evidence that the care we provide for our youngest children would substantially influence their success, or failure later in life. But now we do. Twenty years ago we did not know the economic burden that every New Mexico taxpayer would bear as a result of inadequate preparation of more than a third of New Mexico’s pre-school age children. But now we do.

The focus of this meeting is to share ideas about regional and local issues that affect our youngest children and their families.

Who Should Attend?
  • Parents
  • Civic and business leaders
  • Economic development specialists
  • Early childhood providers and educators
  • Early childhood advocates
  • Elected officials
The meeting is free, but registration is required. Seating is limited. The luncheon can accommodate a maximum of 60 participants, so early registration is highly recommended.


7:30 AM Check-in and Networking
7:45 AM Breakfast Served
  • Katherine Freeman, NM Early Childhood Development Partnership/United Way of Santa Fe County 
  • Legislator Co-conveners
    • Senator Peter Wirth 
    • Representative Jim Hall 
Presentation: The Importance of ECD Public/Private Partnerships
  • Lillian Montoya-Rael, NM Early Childhood Development Partnership
  • Larry Langley, CEO, New Mexico Business Roundtable 
Presentations: Regional/Local Challenges
  • Marisol Atkins, Program Director, Santa Fe Children's Project
  • Michael Coop, Consultant, Santa Fe Children's Project/ProjectLAUNCH Evaluator
Table Group Discussions: Regional/Local Opportunities
  • Charlotte Pollard, Deputy Director, New Mexico First
  • Katherine Freeman, NM Early Childhood Development Partnership/United Way of Santa Fe County 
11:00 AM Adjourn


Meeting Conveners

The conveners of meeting are the New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership, United Way of Santa Fe County, New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department, and New Mexico Business Roundtable in collaboration with the following legislators: 

Senator Peter Wirth
Representative Jim Hall

Meeting Facilitator

New Mexico First

Report & Resources

In April 2011, the New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership and New Mexico First organized an implementation session to develop an action plan for aligning existing programs and funding to ensure a comprehensive early childhood care and education system in New Mexico. Invited guests participated in the two-day session to develop an innovative, out-of-the-box implementation plan.

The following are the resources that informed and resulted from the implementation session:

Final Report

Meeting Sponsor

W. K. Kellogg Foundation

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