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Ethics, Collaboration and Healthy Elections

This week and the weeks before, many of you went to the polls and voted.

Thank you for exercising that right and advancing a healthy democracy. Now, regardless of political party, we must take up the real work of strengthening our state. There is much more that unites us as New Mexicans than divides us. Case in point, 75 percent of voters said yes to establish an ethics commission, requiring an amendment to our state’s constitution, which is no small matter. This is just one example of reforms that – to be successful – will require constituents and policymakers to set aside partisanship and focus on our future.

We at New Mexico First promise to work with our state’s newly elected leaders to inform the ethics commission enabling legislation. We will also champion the people’s recommendations from our higher education, economy, energy, water and agriculture deliberations. And we promise to continue doing that work across party and regional lines.

Will you join us?

Make a commitment today to hear perspectives different from your own, to respect people with different backgrounds or beliefs, and to put the needs of our state above party or personal gain. Together, we can make New Mexico FIRST.


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