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How to strengthen journalism in NM, final report released

New Mexicans need accurate sources of information they can rely on to make decisions for their families and businesses, engage in work to improve their communities, and take part in the democratic process. Read the final outcomes report to learn about the concrete ways we can advance journalism throughout the state from today’s journalists and the next generation of reporters.


Initiatives to strengthen journalism in our state:

  • Ensure access to a variety of media sources that offer varied perspectives, deemed trustworthy and relevant by residents
  • Foster collaboration among news outlets and communities in reporting
  • Provide professional development for existing reporters in policy and use of multi-media
  • Provide students financially supported, on-the-job training in all media
  • Improve media literacy for the public
  • Fund a legal defense fund to support the work of journalists

For more information about the status of New Mexico journalism, please read the background brief that helped to inform this work.

Thank you to the journalists and students for participating in the March 2018 focus groups convened by New Mexico First and the Society of Professional Journalists Rio Grande Chapter and their contribution to this work.


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