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Legislation advances on cliff effects, broadband and agriculture

The New Mexico First team has been busy in Santa Fe, with major advancement on three pieces of legislation and steady progress on several others.

BROADBAND: HB60: Broadband Infrastructure Development passed both the House and Senate and, if signed by the governor, will amend the Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) to allow LEDA funds to be used to increase access to broadband when used for economic development purposes. This legislation advances recommendations from the 2016 economy town hall.

CLIFF EFFECTS: New Mexico First developed SJM18: Family Support Services Info, which passed the Senate this week unanimously. The memorial, which addresses how families transition from poverty, goes next to the House Health and Human Services Committee. The memorial is the first step in researching how New Mexico can smooth out the benefits “cliffs” that families face as their earned incomes increase. This legislation advances recommendations from the 2016 economy town hall.

AGRICULTURE: In partnership with New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension, New Mexico First developed HM27: Resilience in NM Agriculture Task Force, which passed the House unanimously. The memorial endorses the ongoing efforts of the Resilience in New Mexico Agriculture task force, which is currently developing recommendations for strengthening ag policy and practice.

New Mexico First actively supports several other policy proposals, with details available daily on our online tracker. Additional updates will be posted in the coming days.

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