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Save the date! Water Policy Day at the NM Capitol

New Mexico First will hold a Water Policy Day during the next legislative session. Join us on February 5, 2015 to advocate the recommendations from the 2014 statewide water town hall.  ..

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Save the date! First Forum Lecture Series 2015!

New Mexico First will host its biannual First Forum on June 25, 2015! 

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Water Town Hall Implementation Update

We have exciting news to report about our water town hall implementation activities. NM First developed a plan with the input of town hall attendees and our implementation team for the upcoming legislative session.  ..

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STEM Action Team Working Group

The STEM Action Team Working Group launched its second phase of work last month. The group will continue working on STEM education for the next few months. The group is co-chaired by Kurt Steinhaus and former NM Senator Cynthia Nava and supported by The New Mexico Partnership for Math and Science Education.  ..

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Symposium: Sustainable Energy Development in New Mexico

New Mexico First has worked extensively on STEM education issues. As part of this continued work, we are forwarding the message below from NM EPSCoR as a courtesy. The event is not facilitated by NM First.  ..

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Free-Roaming Horses of Placitas Task Force Offers Potential Solutions

Earlier this month, New Mexico First released the final report of the Free-Roaming Horses of Placitas Task Force.  The task force was comprised of representatives from the community and government entities. Interviews with task force members and other state experts, together with research and policy information published by independent sources, informed the report’s content and 21 suggested strategies to address the complex issue of the free-roaming horses.

The report suggests solutions ranging from local fundraising to legislative action and can be grouped into several overarching themes: satisfying  information needs; resolving legal issues; addressing the impacts of horse behavior; the effects of human behavior on the free-roaming animals; population control; relocation; sanctuaries and parks; and animal welfare laws.

Examples of solutions developed by the task force include: ..

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Recommendations from the Town Hall on Water Planning, Development & Use Released

Earlier this month, New Mexico First released the final report of recommendations from the Town Hall on Water Planning, Development & Use, held April 15-16, 2014 in Albuquerque. The recommendations fell into five major themes. The list below offers a high-level summary. Additional details, including concrete strategies for advancing each theme, are provided in the complete report. Click here to download the report.   ..

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We have a new phone number!

New Mexico First has a new phone number.   Please add 505-225-2140 to your contact list today!  ..

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Statewide water town hall produces wide-ranging platform of policy reform

Recommendations address planning, water rights, storm-water and wastewater reuse, watersheds, brackish water, financing and other changes New Mexicans want a balanced water policy that plans for future shortages, expands water storage and reuse, addresses legal issues, and protects environmental resources. They want to explore the potential of cleaning up brackish water (non-potable, highly salty water) in our aquifers. They also identified potential improvements to the ways the state finances water projects. ..

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Live Stream: A Town Hall on Water Planning, Development and Use

Join us tomorrow for a live video stream of the New Mexico First 40th Town Hall! The opening sessions of the event can be viewed at! Join us as we discuss meaningful long-range and crisis water planning, industry and community conservation, watershed management, brackish water clean-up, and much more!    ..

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