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Nominations open for the 2017 Spirit of Bipartisanship Awards


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New Mexico First Advancing Economic Reforms

From expanding statewide broadband to broadening opportunities for workforce training, to researching ways to reduce “cliff effects” for low-income families, New Mexico First continues to advance a robust platform of reforms. These priorities and more are based on citizen recommendations developed during the 2016 economy town hall. The event, held last May, was attended by over 200 people from throughout New Mexico, representing urban, rural, and tribal interests.

A set of consensus recommendations resulted and addressed: small business climate and entrepreneurship, rural and tribal development, diversifying our economy, government and the New Mexico economy, economic security for families and a changing workforce.

Potential Reforms

New Mexico First endorses the following legislation because the proposed changes align with a one or more of the town hall recommendations.

Economic Security for Families

  • Authored by New Mexico First, SJM18: Family Support Services Information advances the town hall recommendation to address “cliff effects” that can trap families in poverty. This memorial, if passed, will enable the collection of economic data on family support programs – focusing mainly on the Child Care Assistance Program.
  • If passed, HB 86: Caregiver Leave Act, advances the town hall recommendation to address economic challenges facing family caregivers by allowing New Mexico employees to use accrued sick leave to care for family members.


Three bills advance the town hall’s call for expanded broadband:

Changing Workforce

  • If passed, HB147: Workforce Training Residency Requirement advances the town hall’s recommendation to expand a qualified workforce to meet employer needs by making it easier for new residents to take part in the Industrial Job Training Program.

Taxes and Regulations

  • If passed, HB58: Rulemaking Requirements helps advance the town hall’s call for a results-driven, effective government by providing a detailed, uniform process for state agencies to process and adopt rules and regulations.
  • New Mexico First expects to introduce additional legislation regarding tax research in the coming days.

You can access the complete list of legislative priorities on our website, where you can also track all the bills we are supporting.



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Ethics Commission Focus Group Findings Released

Should New Mexico establish an independent ethics commission to oversee its governmental officials? Multiple legislative efforts to establish an ethics commission in New Mexico have been attempted in recent years, but all failed. To understand the reasons for the recurring efforts – as well as the objections – New Mexico First conducted a series of focus groups about the pros and cons of ethics legislation to answer this question. Meetings were held with current and former public officials, as well as members of the media. ..

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New Mexicans urged to complete education survey, informing ESSA reforms

Survey available in English and Spanish  ..

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NM PreK Las Cruces Community Meeting


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New Mexico First to testify on economy town hall at state legislative hearing

Join us TOMORROW as we share citizen recommendations on small business reform, economic expansion and smart financial foundations for families with our state representatives and senators!  ..

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Reactions to Town Hall Report Enthusiastic and Optimistic

Report calls for small business reform, economic expansion and smart financial foundations for families  ..

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Registration Opens for The Upcoming Town Hall on Economic Security and Vitality!

Calling on all community members, business leaders, family and labor advocates, educators, tribal representatives, economic development planners, government professionals, youth and elected officials to register for the upcoming town hall on economic security and vitality!  ..

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NMED soliciting applications for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund!

The New Mexico Environment Department Construction Programs Bureau is now soliciting applications for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund! This is a federal program, administered by NMED, offering low cost financing to eligible public entities for planning/design/construction of wastewater collection and treatment facilities and non-point source water pollution control projects. All applications are ranked in order of: 1). Water Quality Factors 2). Permit Compliance 3). Financial Need 4). Sustainability and 5). Readiness to Proceed. Bonus Points are awarded for green projects incorporating: green infrastructure, water efficiency, energy efficiency or environmentally innovative activities!  ..

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Economy Town Hall Registration Opening Soon!

New Mexico First Announces 2016 Town Hall Topic: Economic Security and Vitality! A vibrant economy is perhaps the most sought after policy goal for our state. For this reason, New Mexico First will hold a statewide town hall on economic security and vitality to develop practical recommendations for the future. The event will focus on economic strategies that address the needs of small and large businesses – as well as low and middle-income families. The event will encourage participants to think creatively about strengthening the states’ economic health in ways that reach people from all walks of life. ..

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