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NM PreK Las Cruces Community Meeting


Calling Las Cruces area residents!

The New Mexico Early Childhood Development Partnership (NMECDP) will hold a Las Cruces community meeting to explore the pros and cons of expanding NM PreK, the state's publicly funded pre-kindergarten education program.

The lunch meeting will be held September 28, from 11:30- 2:30 at the Home Builder’s Association, 2825 North Main Street, Las Cruces. Register now!

Experts nationwide agree that quality early childhood learning experiences help:

  • Close educational achievement gaps
  • Prepare children for success in school
  • Increase high school and college graduation rates
  • Build stronger statewide economic development

For these reasons, the NMECDP proposes that the state expand the voluntary New Mexico PreK Program. Their ultimate goal is to offer the program free of charge to all 3- and 4-year olds statewide, whose families want it. While people generally agree about the benefits of early childhood education, there are financial and programmatic challenges regarding significantly expanding New Mexico PreK at this time. For example, what is the best way to ensure that all children have access to quality pre-school? How might we prepare a workforce equipped to fulfill such a goal? How might the state pay for it? How would New Mexico maintain the quality levels necessary to have positive outcomes during an expansion?

To gather feedback on these and related issues, NMECDP contracted with New Mexico First to facilitate a community lunch meeting in Las Cruces.

Space is limited; please register now!



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