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Sandoval County to establish advisory council to oversee free-roaming horses

On November 8, 2018, the Sandoval County Commission passed Resolution No. 11-08-18 and its associated bylaws establishing the Sandoval County Free-Roaming Horse Advisory Council to more effectively address the management of roaming horses in the Placitas area. The council will be comprised of community members and government officials. The council will follow the Open Meetings Act and serve as the oversight body for long-term plans for the horses.

This decision was informed by a 2018 online survey as well as a 2014 task force, both of which were conducted by New Mexico First and commissioned by Sandoval County.

  • The 2014 task force gathered solutions for the humane treatment of free-roaming horses. The resulting report offered a sound mix of potential next steps, some of which took place. One potential solution was to establish a multi-jurisdictional board or council to help manage horse-related plans.
  • The 2018 community input survey assessed support for the board or council as well as how to finance it.Of the Placitans who took the survey, 68 percent supported the establishment of a multi-jurisdictional board or council to help manage the horses.

Sandoval County has issued an online application for people interested in serving on the council. The application process will close December 1, 2018. Additionally, interested people may sign up for ongoing updates about the Placitas horses on the county’s website.


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