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2017 Legislative Session Policy Victories

Now that the 2017 Legislative Session has concluded, and as of Friday the Governor has completed her signing deadline, New Mexico First is pleased to announce that your voice for smart, bipartisan policy played an influential role in this year’s session. Our public policy organization promotes recommendations developed by citizens during our town halls and forums. This year, New Mexico First supported or informed legislative efforts on economy, ethics reform, water and education.  ..

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Legislation advances on cliff effects, broadband and agriculture

The New Mexico First team has been busy in Santa Fe, with major advancement on three pieces of legislation and steady progress on several others. ..

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2015 Legislative Session STEM Education Victories

New Mexico First, on behalf of the New Mexico Partnership for Math & Science Education’s “STEM Action Team,” followed a number of education items during the legislative session. Priorities aligned to the 2012 STEM Action Planning Summit, which resulted in an ongoing collective impact effort. The STEM Action Team works to promote science, technology, engineering and math education in New Mexico. ..

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2015 Legislative Session Water Policy Victories

New Mexico First is pleased to announce that a number of policies we supported during the 2015 legislative session passed. Our platform resulted from the 2014 statewide water town hall, which produced recommendations on water planning, watersheds and ecosystems, legal issues, new sources of water, funding, conservation and water quality. We joined with numerous organizations and individuals to support the following items, most of which have gone to the governor for signature. ..

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NM First Unveils Water Policy Plan at NM Capitol

Joined by nearly 100 citizens, New Mexico First celebrated “New Mexico Water Awareness Week” at the NM Capitol by unveiling a policy plan to address New Mexico’s critical water problems. The plan was revealed at a press conference acknowledging “New Mexico Water Awareness Week,” which was the result of a memorial sponsored by Rep. Andy Nunez (R-Hatch) and co-signed by Sen. Gerald Ortiz Y Pino (D-Albuquerque).

The press conference spotlighted the comprehensive legislative plan, which was developed from recommendations created at the New Mexico First 2014 water town hall, which was attended by over 300 people from 31 counties, representing urban, rural, and tribal interests.The legislative plan includes:  ..

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2015 Policy Priorities Released

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New Mexico First is pleased to share our preliminary 2015 Water Policy Priorities. This document will be updated throughout the upcoming legislative session. With help from advisors throughout the state, the organization honed recommendations from the 2014 water town hall into this set of immediate goals on planning, watersheds, legal issues, new sources of water, conservation and of course, funding! ..

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2014 New Mexico First Legislative Accomplishments!

The 2014 NM Legislative Session closed with the approval of a $6.2 billion dollar budget.  The budget, which now goes to Governor Susana Martinez for signature, passed in the New Mexico Senate 42-0 and it passed in the New Mexico House of Representatives 58-8.  During the legislative session, New Mexico First championed bills in the areas of water planning, STEM education, energy planning, healthcare, workforce development and economic growth. We are pleased to announce that several policies we supported were successful. ..

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Legislative Agenda and Tracking System Posted Online

New Mexico First is pleased to share our current legislative agenda and 2014 legislative tracking system!  Keep up-to-date on legislation New Mexico First supports. We hope to make changes in the areas of:

•    Water planning
•    STEM education
•    Energy planning
•    Healthcare
•    Workforce development
•    Economic growth

Our 2014 legislative agenda is based on citizen recommendations developed during the Centennial Town Hall and the STEM Action Planning Summit.


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New Mexico First is proud to announce the 2013 STEM legislative and policy accomplishments

New Mexico First is proud to announce the 2013 STEM legislative and policy accomplishments.   The legislative platform was developed  using recommendations from the New Mexico First STEM Action Planning Summit and in coordination with the New Mexico Partnership for Math and Science Education. ..

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Governor Martinez signs New Mexico First supported bills!

New Mexico First is thrilled to announce that Governor Susana Martinez has signed the following bills that are part of our Centennial Town Hall and the STEM Action Planning Summit legislative agenda. Please click on the individual bill links below to view the final signed version of each bill.  ..

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