About This Report

This report is one of two documents produced by New Mexico First in association with its' 2014 statewide town hall, Advancing New Mexico's Future: A Town Hall on Water Planning, Development & Use.

This background report is intended to help participants prepare for the New Mexico First statewide town hall on water policy, April 15-16, 2014. This type of major deliberation is held every two years, on a topic of critical importance. The statewide town hall is New Mexico First’s service to the people and policymakers of our state. The event will produce a platform of consensus recommendations. New Mexico First will advance those recommendations for at least 18 months (i.e., two legislative sessions), ensuring that the participants’ ideas receive attention statewide.

We believe that the best deliberations are informed deliberations. Therefore, all our town halls are preceded by a nonpartisan backgrounder that sets the context.

Note: There are few right or wrong answers to any public policy question, and the problems and opportunities around our state’s water are complex. As a result, no brief explanation of the situation – including this report – can hope to cover all the information and opinions available. Our research committee provided their knowledge and expertise, but ultimately the people and policymakers of New Mexico must decide what course our water future will take.

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