Appendix A: Vision Statements

Each discussion group was asked to craft an aspirational vision statement, addressing the following question:

Imagine it is the year 2026 and New Mexico has benefited from a decade of consistent and innovative policies that have led to secure families and a vital economy. Our state is nationally recognized for excellence. What does excellence look like?

Discussion Group

Vision Statement

Secure Families In 2026, New Mexico is a state with a thriving economy that serves families, peoples and communities, through community support and interdependence based upon enlightened public policy and family-friendly businesses. New Mexicans have educational and health resources to prepare them to be successful, from the earliest ages through college and beyond. Young adults have the resources to help them begin their careers. Families feel empowered to succeed and have a high quality of life, avoiding high levels of stress. They have the resources that they need to maintain careers and families. People have the resources to be independent, engaged, and secure as they age.

Because of this, businesses are attracted to the state. Poverty is reduced. Substance abuse and crime are addressed. New Mexicans value their communities, benefit from the strengths of all cultures, and support one another.

Changing Workforce In 2026: All New Mexicans are inspired and equipped to succeed in our emerging economy. NM is on the cutting edge of dramatically reducing poverty and increasing educational achievement at all levels. Diverse and increased opportunities exist that allow equitable access to quality employment, affordable healthcare and wellness for all New Mexicans.
Small Business/ Entrepreneurship

By 2026, New Mexico has a flourishing, diverse widely recognized economy, that promotes an innovative – even intergalactic* – entrepreneurial environment, with access to capital and robust infrastructure, with broad opportunities statewide for work, play, and high quality learning.

* Contextually, this term referred to the potential economic development opportunities of Spaceport America, located in Truth or Consequences, NM.
Industry Diversification By 2026, New Mexico is a model state for the nation and a source of pride for New Mexicans, recognized for excellence in employment that supports families and quality of life, while leveraging New Mexico’s cultural diversity. New Mexico is a leader in education as measured by high graduation rates, a workforce ready for emerging industries and high wage jobs. We have a diversified economy in multiple sectors including research and development, healthcare, technology, natural resources, agriculture, and energy. New Mexico is known for its affordable and available housing, healthcare for all, state of the art technology and infrastructure, and an environment attractive to non-New Mexicans, with jobs and quality of life drawing new residents to our state.

Strategic public and private partnerships and an effective and efficient taxation and regulatory structure have created a business environment that enables existing and new entrepreneurs to thrive, while addressing climate change and water resource allocation.

Rural & Tribal Development In 2026, New Mexico is proactive and thriving, having achieved harmony of diverse people, traditions (including matriarchal), and planetary sustainability, where populations everywhere in the state are educated and employed, where poverty is sharply reduced, families thrive and young talent is retained, invested in and attracted, and our rural and indigenous communities enjoy a high quality of life. Agriculture and natural resources are being utilized in ways that combine traditional, sustainable, and progressive practices while maintaining a thriving population and environment.
Role of Government In 2026, New Mexico is a model of ethical and transparent government, supportive of business growth, families, workers, and our natural environment. Our public education supports the community from pre-birth (via family programs) to post-secondary levels, we have full employment and opportunities and inducements for young adults to remain in our state. New Mexico has a vibrant and diverse economy that reflects our traditional cultures and ethnic diversity, that supports community-based economic development and investment in local business, agriculture, technology, and education.

We are a U.S. leader in national and international enterprises, by harnessing our unique talents, diverse communities, technological innovations, and natural resources.

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