Appendix B: Additional Ideas

Small Group Recommendation

To be included in the official town hall platform a recommendation had to receive a vote of support from at least 85 percent of the town hall participants. The following recommendation did not achieve that level of support from the full town hall. It is noteworthy, however, that the central notion (considering impacts of new public policies on families) was supported by the full town hall as strategy 9-c. The main difference was that the language below required the family impact analysis before passage of legislation. Several town hall participants believed making the analyses mandatory was a step too far, but they supported the overall concept of assessing family impacts within the overall policy process.

Secure Families Group, 78% vote of support
ACTION: Require family impact analysis of all legislative policy and implementation proposals


  1. Create a legislative study committee for implementation.
  2. Refer to Prosperity Works family impact analysis as a framework.
  3. Refer to prior legislative efforts/proposals.

Wild Card Recommendations

Discussion groups were offered the option of submitting a “wild card” recommendation if they had time and interest. Though not a part of the official town hall platform, this option allowed groups to share what might have been their boldest or most creative idea – even though it may not have achieved even the consensus of their small group. Four of the six discussion groups submitted a wild card recommendation as detailed below.

Small Group
Wild Card Recommendation
Secure Families ACTION: Create a state bank modeled on North Dakota’s, which produces revenue to the state. (For example, infrastructure can be funded without bonds.)
Role of Government

ACTION: Promote the expectation of excellence, success and innovation among New Mexicans, and recognize New Mexico’s strengths, ingenuity and assets.


a. Consider initiatives like “Expect More, Arizona” that encourages community ownership and responsibility for driving change.

b. Encourage “both/and” rather than “either/or” problem solving.

c. Work with media to change how they report about New Mexico (more positively.)

Changing Workforce

ACTION: Clean up New Mexico.


a. Create a marketing program and provide funding to help beautification initiatives.

b. Increase awareness education of housing and land values, and create a sense of stewardship and knowledge of sustainable gardening.

c. Inspire and incentivize value-based community identity.

Industry Diversification ACTION: Support the retooling and rethinking of the agricultural industry and improve the rural economy by using cutting-edge science to address water scarcity by improving soil quality.


a. Engage a public/private partnership to obtain funding for a proof of concept pilot project for capturing CO2 through agricultural practice.

b. Through this agricultural practice, the farmers and ranchers will be able to reduce their water usage and improve the soil fertility.

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