Appendix C: Recommendation Support Levels



Highly Support
Modeerately Support
Do Not Support
Support Level
Recommendation 1 ACTION: Develop a fully resourced small business development toolbox. 60% 36% 4% 96%
Recommendation 2 ACTION: Identify and provide adequate funding to support the growth of innovative business, quality jobs, and aligned skill set training programs. 38% 51% 11% 89%
Recommendation 3 ACTION: Enhance public investment in tribal, rural and frontier communities. 53% 38% 9% 91%
Recommendation 4 ACTION: Invest in youth programs (in rural and tribal communities) that teach social, agricultural, financial, technical, vocational, organizational and employment preparation skills. 30% 59% 11% 89%
Recommendation 5 ACTION: Comprehensively restructure the New Mexico tax code for the purposes of attracting and retaining current and future economic base businesses and supporting New Mexico’s families, while providing adequate revenue for state operations without disproportionately burdening low-income families. 53% 39% 8% 92%
Recommendation 6 ACTION: Create a culture of economic development with robust local and state funding. 42% 48% 10% 90%
Recommendation 7 ACTION: Build a government that is results-driven, transparent, and business and community effective. 67% 32% 1% 99%
Recommendation 8 ACTION: Design pathways and reduce barriers to transition technologies and ideas out of the national labs and universities to private industry or nonprofit sectors. 55% 36% 9% 91%
Recommendation 9 ACTION: Promote a family-friendly culture that helps people succeed, through the adoption, support and funding of family-oriented policies. 49% 49% 2% 98%
Recommendation 10 ACTION: Align job creation, education and workforce development with the existing and emerging economy, while drawing on principles of equity to increase opportunities for a diverse workforce. 54% 37% 9% 91%
Recommendation 11
ACTION: Develop New Mexico’s identity as a purpose-driven economy with a strong workforce, deploying an approach (such as “Human-Centered Design”) that enables individuals and communities to recognize, understand and overcome challenges through an action-oriented feedback and adjustment process. 49% 43% 8% 92%


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