Town Hall Process

Using New Mexico First’s proven consensus-building process, the two-day event asked participants to share their best ideas for making progress as a state on economic development. During the town hall, participants were divided into small groups to discuss policy options, as well as develop and refine recommendations for addressing the critical issues.

Step 1: Learn the Issues

  • Background Report
    Review report before attending the town hall.
  • Context Setting and Shared Learning
    Listen to guest speakers and ask questions.

Step 2: Explore Possibilities

  • Small Group Discussions
    Consider promising opportunities or crucial issues that need to be addressed.

Step 3: Develop Common Ground

  • Draft Recommendations
    Create recommendations that will impact the state’s future progress.
  • Amend Recommendations
    Refine recommendations for consideration by full group.
  • Agree on Final Recommendations
    Reach consensus on final recommendations in the full group.

Step 4: Advance Change

  • A final report will be sent to all stakeholders, including community and business leaders, policymakers, media, and all town hall registrants. The Implementation Team will work to advance the recommendations agreed to by town hall participants.


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