Agriculture Task Force Announcements




Hello Task Force Members,

I apologize for inconsistent posting, but you should all have received email updates from me on your meetings for the next two weeks. If you are not receiving email updates and calendar alerts please let me know. Now for updates and reminders:


  • We were in the news! Please check out this link to see our story in the ABQ Journal (Mel please post link you used here)
  • Past meeting notes and agendas are posted under materials
  • April meeting details are posted under meetings


  • Attending and/or contributing to your committee’s meetings is critical at this point. A strategic plan can only be as good as the effort and contributions that went into it. If you are unable to attend a meeting either remotely or in person, please contact me (Kelsey) at I will work with you to help share your input with the group.
  • We will be having one more small committee meeting in May before another large group meeting in June. Details to come.

Posted April 20, 2017

Hello Task Force Members! Hope you’re all looking forward to spring and St. Patrick’s Day! Please be aware I will be out of the office later this week, so this will be the last update to the secure zone before committee meetings start. Here are your updates and reminders:


  • HM 27 has passed! This means the House of Representatives supports our work AND our report will be presented to the legislature after its completion. It’s very encouraging – but now the pressure is on! No doubt we will rise to the occasion. Please thanks Rep. George Dodge for carrying this memorial, and all the wonderful task force members who supported it.
  • Committee meeting agendas are up, please review them before your next committee meeting.
  • To help see where the project is going for the next few months, I’ve created a timeline outlining the future task force objectives. Please find it under “Products” and “Misc. Handouts”


  • Next week we start committee meetings. Please review your committee’s meeting details and let the facilitator of your committee know if you are unable to participate.

Posted March 14, 2017

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