Agriculture Members



K-12 Agriculture Education Committee

  • Brenda Logan, Ag in the Classroom
  • Traci Curry, Ag in the Classroom
  • Leiloni Begaye, Food Corps
  • Vanessa Apodaca, UNM
  • Michael Patrick, NMSU Cooperative Extension Service
  • Stephen Beck, 4-H
  • Tiffany Rivera, NMDA
  • Jerrod Smith, FFA

Ag Supply Chain Committee

  • Susan Wilger, National Center for Frontier Communities
  • Pam Roy, NM Grown
  • Denise Miller, NM Farmers Market Assoc.
  • Benjamin Bartley, La Montanita Co-op
  • David Kraenzel, NMSU Cooperative Extension Service
  • Susann Mikkelson, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
  • Carole Palmer, COPE
  • Jedrek Lamb, Agricultura Network
  • Grant Taylor, New Mexico First
  • Jonas Moya, NMSU Cooperative Extension Service

Watershed Restoration Committee

  • Lesli Allison, Western Landowners Association
  • Brent Van Dyke, New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts
  • Paul Tashjian, Audubon Society
  • Caren Cowan, New Mexico Cattle Growers Association
  • Andrew Fredrick, New Mexico State Forestry
  • Santiago Misquez, NRCS
  • Julie Maitland, New Mexico Department of Agriculture
  • Heather Balas, New Mexico First

Agriculture Loans Committee

  • Ann Simon, MRCOG
  • Don Bustos, Farmer
  • Bill Midcap, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
  • Jennifer Benson, National Young Farmers Coalition
  • Bryan Crawford-Garrett, Thornburg Foundation
  • Shacey Sullivan, Farm Credit
  • Rick Lopez, FSA

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