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New Mexico First Announces Award Recipients in Bipartisan Collaboration, Journalistic Excellence, Civic Leadership and Lifetime Achievement

Spirit Awardees to be recognized at June “First Forum.”  ..

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New Mexico overwhelmingly backs ethics commission

Multiple legislative efforts to establish an ethics commission in New Mexico have been attempted in recent years. Until this year, these efforts have failed. This week, an overwhelming majority of New Mexican voters (75%) decided to amend the constitution to create a state ethics commission. The commission will have the jurisdiction to investigate, adjudicate and issue advisory opinions concerning civil violations of laws governing ethics and standards of conduct.  ..

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How to strengthen journalism in NM, final report released

New Mexicans need accurate sources of information they can rely on to make decisions for their families and businesses, engage in work to improve their communities, and take part in the democratic process. Read the final outcomes report to learn about the concrete ways we can advance journalism throughout the state from today’s journalists and the next generation of reporters.  ..

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