Ag Resilience Workgroup

In 2016, thirteen regional meetings were held with diverse stakeholders across the state and community members identified several agriculture-related issues. Following these meetings, a background report was published, and an Agricultural Resilience Task Force of industry leaders and experts was assembled to develop solutions. The Resilience in New Mexico Agriculture Strategic Plan was the result of the Task Force’s work. The implementation of this plan is critical to achieve greater agricultural and natural resource resiliency and ensure stability for the next generations of farmers and ranchers.

Food, Hunger, Water, Ag Policy Workgroup

The Food, Hunger, Water, Agriculture Policy Action Teams are currently in emergency response mode. This workgroup has been meeting since the Summer of 2019. The workgroup includes policymakers, the emergency food sector, farmers, ranchers, resilient agriculture advocates, faith communities, anti-hunger and anti-poverty advocates, human rights advocates, health providers and advocates, local food system advocates, researchers, philanthropy, and more.

NM Public Health Corps

The COVID-19 pandemic tested our communities and our public health system. We’d like to know how your community experienced COVID-19. Join us in May for a community conversation via Zoom to reflect on the strategies and resources we need to move forward.

CABQ Climate Taskforce

The City of Albuquerque (CABQ): Environmental Health Department and New Mexico First partnered to update and support the implementation of a revised CABQ Climate Action Plan (CAP) to mitigate contributions to climate change. A CAP Task Force, comprised of diversely qualified community leaders, was created to empower community voices, and guide the development of an equitable, community-based plan. The CAP is intended to advise the next stage of the city’s climate change vision and support citywide improvements.