A Program of the New Mexico Democracy Project

The below state leaders – current candidates, past political office holders, organizations, and individuals, have all signed on to the Candidate Principles for Trusted Elections in New Mexico. Please join them, and encourage your local elected officials to do the same. It only takes two minutes to sign on!

Other Key Supporters Include:
  • Katharine Clark, Santa Fe County Clerk (D)
  • Clinton Harden, former State Senator and NM Secretary of Labor (R)
  • Bob Perls, former NM State Representative (I)
  • Amelia Ellen Shippy, Former US Ambassador to Malawi
  • Danielle Gonzales, APS School Board Member, Executive Director of New Mexico First
  • Heather Balas, President, Verge Strategies, and Former President, New Mexico First
  • Kathy Elliott, Owner and President, Elliott Marketing
  • New Mexico PBS
  • New Mexico State Chamber of Commerce
  • New Mexico Local News Fund
  • New Mexico Open Elections
  • New Mexico First
  • David Kasten
  • Ann Keller
  • Charlotte Gomez
  • Corinne Silva, Farmer
  • Dain Forsythe, Educator
  • Jim Kroeger, Retired Engineer
  • Jim Upchurch, Nonprofit Conservation Organization Board Member
  • Jo Baer
  • John Conlon
  • Judith Parsons
  • Karen Bender
  • Kathleen Mongaraz
  • Mark Doppke
  • Nancy A. Murphy
  • Nell Kroeger
  • Phyllis Becerra
  • Randall Moyer
  • Renee Wood
  • Richard Hawkins, Retired Foreign Service Officer
  • Richard Kiefer-O’Donnell, Retired Professor
  • Robin Brown, Teacher
  • Siobhan Croto, Pastor
  • Walter Zeichner, Psychotherapist, Educator, Broadcast Journalist
  • Christopher Wentz, Truth Teller
  • Karen Hokom
  • Mark Holmes
  • Taylor Edmondson
  • Kathleen Goodwin
  • Becky Adams
  • Carol Flint
  • Tom Smith
  • Jeff Apodaca, Santa Fe Farms
  • Cathy Lady
  • Patsy Nelson
  • Steve Veenis
  • Nell Kroeger

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The following partners have come together in an effort to build trust in our elections and candidates:

For more information about the New Mexico Democracy Project activities, please contact Sharon Berman at sharon@nmfirst.org.

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