Whether the goal is to agree on policy reforms, develop ideas for community action, or advance long-term coalitions, New Mexico First will help produce concrete recommendations for organizations, communities, or policymakers at local, state, federal, or tribal levels. Hire us to reach consensus, engage in implementation, conduct research, and more.

Service 1: Consensus-driven solutions

New Mexico First’s facilitation model brings together divergent stakeholders from throughout the state resulting in prioritized, consensus-derived solutions and options. Our model provides public agencies with necessary feedback and guidance on public supported next steps.

Service 2: Implementation

New Mexico First leads stakeholders now turned partners with government agencies in collectively making the consensus-derived solutions a reality through legislative and policymaking processes, as well as public and private sector efforts.

Service 3: Independent Research

New Mexico First reports provide government agencies and stakeholders with an objective, informed place to start identifying options and solutions to our state’s complex challenges. The reports include background information on the topic representing multiple sides of an issue, status of issues specific to New Mexico, and best practices.

What do Services Cost?

New Mexico First offers services to fit the needs of your organization. Please contact us for more information at info@nmfirst.org.