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Governor Martinez signs New Mexico First supported bills!

New Mexico First is thrilled to announce that Governor Susana Martinez has signed the following bills that are part of our Centennial Town Hall and the STEM Action Planning Summit legislative agenda. Please click on the individual bill links below to view the final signed version of each bill.


SIGNED: HB2-The General Appropriation act of 2013 passed. Within that bill, New Mexico First supported appropriations for state and regional water planning, increased tourism, science and math education funds, and the workforce development program JTIP. Sponsor: Saavedra (aligns with Centennial recs. #1, 4, and 6, plus STEM Summit action plan)

SIGNED: HB310-The bill proposes changes to the K-3 program eligibility allowing more underserved children to qualify for the program.  Sponsor: Stewart (aligns with Centennial rec. 9 on early childhood development)

SIGNED: SB365-The home visiting accountability act would strengthen New Mexico's home visiting efforts, which are a proven early childhood development strategy. The bill would require the Children, Youth and Families Department to adopt and disseminate rules by which the standards-based home visiting program will operate. Sponsor: Sapien (aligns with Centennial rec. 9 on early childhood development)

SIGNEDHB76-The bill appropriates funds to maintain the economic development MainStreet program. Sponsor: Lundstrom (aligns with Centennial rec. #6 plus multiple economic development recommendations from past town halls)

SIGNED: HB238/SB234-The bill amends the New Mexico chile advertising act by strengthening the law for advertising, labeling, describing, and offering New Mexico chile.  Sponsor: Martinez (aligns with Centennial rec. 9 on economic development)

SIGNEDSB641-The Senate Finance Committee omnibus tax bill that was passed in the Senate 34-8 and was endorsed in the House 46-18 aligned partly with our tax recommendations. We followed various tax bills that aligned with our agenda to reduce corporate income tax to rates equal or lower to surrounding states as well as adopting an elective single sales factor. The corporate income tax reduction would gradually reduce the rate from 7.6 percent to 5.9. It would be phased in over five years. The single sales factor would allow manufacturers to base their income taxes entirely on their New Mexico sales.   (aligns with Centennial rec. 8 on taxes) 


PASSED: HJM12-The peer-to-peer substance abuse memorial requests NM state departments to incorporate peer-to-peer approaches into existing substance abuse prevention efforts. New Mexico First drafted this legislation. Sponsor: Rodella (aligns with Centennial rec. #5 on substance abuse prevention)

For a complete list of bills the Governor signed, please click here.

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