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Now more than ever, we need the media. And they in return, they need our support.

As a public relations professional, I’ve been disheartened to see media outlets furloughing/laying off workers and cutting back delivery due to COVID-19. While we stay at home to flatten the curve, journalists are still out there doing what they’ve always done - keeping us informed and connected to our communities. To borrow a phrase from one, “they’re all public health reporters now.” During the outbreak, many outlets are lifting their firewalls and providing coverage at no cost. But the news isn’t “free” and quality journalism isn’t cheap. So I put together this website and am calling on my industry - and anyone who is financially able - to step up and support New Mexico media. By subscribing, donating, and spreading the word. Media outlets are small businesses too, and they need our support.

Click here for subscription & donation links from outlets around the state, and see below for more ways to help.

Ways to Help

  • Subscribe! Many outlets are offering online subscriptions for introductory rates of $5/month for 3 months. Help them survive these next 3 months by signing up. Right now!
  • Consider buying an annual membership. This is a great option if you’re already subscribing to an outlet, or your subscription is about to expire. Buying an annual membership will give an important cash infusion to many outlets.
  • Become a monthly contributor. Again, $5/month for next few months can go a long way in keeping outlets up and running.
  • Gift a subscription. Consider subscribing for someone else - especially if they live outside Albuquerque/Santa Fe. Getting the paper delivered at home is an easy way to support journalism right now, and a great way to stay informed of what’s happening locally.
  • Make a one-time donation. Have an extra $5? Reporters need to eat too! In many rural communities, like the one I grew up in, radio is the only media left, so please consider making a one-time or monthly donationto non-print outlets as well.
  • Ask your clients to subscribe. If media coverage is a goal or you use local media for your clients, ask them to cover subscriptions costs. They can likely write off the expense as a tax-deduction, and you can likely do the same for your own donations/subscriptions.
  • Give ‘em a like. While you’re subscribing and donating, be sure to like/follow your favorite outlet on social media to stay connected. Many also have newsletters, apps, etc. and signing up/downloading can also be supportive.
  • Click here for subscription & donation links from outlets around the state, and see below for more ways to help.

If you’re able to support New Mexico Media, please fill out this form for collective impact measurements. Jake McCook of McCook Strategies produced this content. Jake can be reached at


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