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By Edward Chavez & Roderick Kennedy | Jan 17, 2021

Every 10 years – in years ending with “one” – New Mexico must draw new district maps for our congressional, legislative and Public Education Commission districts based on census data.

Populations shift, and as many of our elected representatives’ districts are determined by population size, it’s important that we make this adjustment. Underserved communities and people need to be protected as district boundaries change. The goal is to try to make sure that every voter has a fair chance – and equal opportunity – to elect the candidate of their choice.

New Mexico does not have a statute that creates laws and procedures for redistricting. In many years, this results in maps that reflect the desires of lawmakers rather than the people who elect them. And when the Legislature cannot agree on maps, courts must draw the maps at huge taxpayer expense; in 2011 the courts drew the maps resulting in over $6 million in attorney fees and other costs.

To read the full article, visit: https://www.abqjournal.com/1537176/commission-would-ensure-1-person-1-vote.html

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