About This Report

This report is one of two documents produced by New Mexico First in association with its' 2014 statewide town hall, Advancing New Mexico's Future: A Town Hall on Water Planning, Development & Use.

These recommendations and others resulted from the Town Hall on Water Planning, Development & Use, held April 15-16, 2014 in Albuquerque. The town hall produced a platform of 15 consensus recommendations, garnering support from a strong majority of the participants. Almost all the recommendations achieved 85 percent support or higher.

The recommendations fell into five major themes. New Mexicans want a balanced water policy that plans for future shortages, expands water storage and reuse, addresses legal issues and protects environmental resources. They want to explore new water sources, including potential of cleaning up brackish water in our aquifers. They also want to improve the ways the state finances water projects. Additional details, including concrete strategies for advancing each theme, are provided in the complete report.

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